Winter's Wrath Causing Leaky Roofs

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Keep an eye on the walls and ceilings in your home, because winter is trying to come inside. Tops of homes and buildings are under immense stress, because they’re covered with a coating of ice from December’s storm, and heavy snow that’s piled up over the past several weeks.

Winter is usually a slow time for roofers. But this year, they’re keeping busy fixing leaky roofs. Patrick Dalton of Acme Roofing in Haslett says he’s had a few crews out every day for the past few weeks. “Mostly water coming in through a door or a window, water around skylights. Anytime you've got water coming in, that gets people in a frantic state."

Dalton fixes the leaks, by getting to the root of the problem, a build up of thick ice and heavy snow.
“Everybody's home is encased in ice with deep snow. So heat loss going up through the insulation, and through the attic, that creates a build up of ice along the edge, and once you have that build up of ice, the water, that's continuing to melt, from the bottom side, can't get off the roof, so in behind that dam of ice is standing water."

With warmer temperatures and rain in the forecast, roofers expect to see a uptick in calls for help by the end of the week. Says Dalton, “Right now, people that have a lot of snow and ice at the edge of the roof and now you've got rain coming down with that build up of ice, that's really going to exacerbate it."

Roofers say, depending on the job, it usually costs about $200 to remove the snow and ice. They don’t recommend you try removing it yourself, as the ice is very thick and slippery.