Winter weather returns by midweek

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There's a lot to talk about in the forecast. We have warmer temps in the 40s, then a winter storm, then back into the 40s. Here's a look at the forecast as of Sunday night...

Sunday night: A thick cloud cover and a strong southwest wind are keeping temperatures very mild in the low 30s.

Monday: It warms up into the mid and upper 40s in what may be the warmest day of the year so far (the current warmest temps we've recorded in Lansing have yet to exceed 45). By afternoon, we should see some sunshine, but there is also a chance for some light drizzle.

Tuesday: Highs will still be around 40, but things will cool down quickly at night, so as a low pressure system approaches we'll see rain which will turn to a mix and then snow at night. This will cause very slippery driving conditions. Lows will be in the 10s.

Wednesday: Cold and snowy. Highs will only be in the low 20s and lows will be near 0. Expect snow in the early hours and possibly into the afternoon. It looks like it may accumulate a few inches, but this is subject to change.

As of Sunday night, the system in question is still developing over the Northwest. As it moves toward the Midwest, it's track may change more toward the north or south, which may greatly affect how much snow we receive. Currently, it looks like the worst winter weather will fall south of Michigan for Wednesday. Be aware of possible changes in more up-to-date forecasts from Andy and Darrin as the system approaches.

After the system passes, we should warm up again toward the weekend, but the weekend may also see some more rain or snow.

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