Winter Weather Wears on Mid-Michigan

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It's a place Kevin Noren has found himself so many times this winter: on his front sidewalk, shoveling away snowfall from the night before.

"I've always hated the snow more than the cold because you have to shovel it and you have to drive in it," he said. "I'll be glad when winter is over."

Noren is trying to look on the bright side though. He says the shoveling is good exercise and he's just happy he hasn't lost power.

At his neighbor's house, Mark Miller says if you have to shovel, it's nice to have warm weather.

"It's not easy to do," said Miller, "but it's easier than when you have a 20 to 40 below chill index."

Cold temperatures are again forecast for next week, which Miller says he dislikes even more than the snow.

"It's not the shoveling that's so bad, it's the freezing temperatures that are killing me," he said. "Your extremities, your toes and fingers, once their gone it takes a long time to get the circulation back but the shoveling's good exercise."

There were people Saturday who were happy and willing to be out in the snow. The Harris Nature Center in Okemos hosted its 15th annual Winter Wonderland event, where visitors could use cross-country skis, snowshoes or even sled dogs for some winter fun.

"The idea of winter wonderland is to get people outside in the winter, get off your couch, get out of your nice warm house and come out and enjoy the great outdoors," said Kit Rich, the nature center's coordinator. "It kind of goes against human nature to go outside in this weather. But what they're finding is they can go outside and have a great time and they don't get too cold because you're active."

A break in the frigid temperatures and even a few rays of sunshine were a welcome site for Rich, and for Peri Bianchi. The Perry resident says the cold is nothing compared to North Dakota, where she used to live.

"Today is downright balmy in comparison," she said. "I like winter. They're calling it winter wonderland and I think that's appropriate."

Julie Palmer brought her kids to the event so they could burn off the energy they'd built up from being stuck inside the last few weeks.

She said her children were having fun in the snow, but that doesn't mean she wants the winter to last.

"It's been horrible, miserable, cold," she said. "We're ready for spring."

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