Win Up To $500 For Pothole-Related Vehicle Repairs

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Michigan drivers whose vehicles were damaged by potholes this winter could be eligible for some money.

The Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA) is bringing back its "Pothole Pocketbook Contest". It will pay four drivers up to $500 for their pothole-related vehicle repairs.

“Michigan’s extreme winter weather is breaking up our roads and bridges, and so is a continued decline in adequate funding,” said Lance Binoniemi, vice president of government affairs for MITA. “This contest will help to make things easier for a few lucky motorists – but the only real way to reduce the high cost of bad roads for everyone is for the Legislature to invest in our roads and bridges now to save lives and money.”

According to a January report by TRIP, a national transportation research group, bad roads cost Michigan drivers $2.3 billion per year in unnecessary vehicle repairs.

The contest is open to all Michigan-licensed drivers, 18 or older, who have had to pay for vehicle repairs caused by bad roads since January 2014. Drivers must submit a photo or scan of their itemized repair bill, along with contact information of their mechanic or body shop to verify the repairs. Drivers must also submit photos of their vehicle's damage and if possible, the specific pothole they hit.

Winners will be announced in March and each winner will receive a check up to $500 to help cover the cost of their repairs.

Click on the link within this article for more details on the contest and how to submit your information.

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