Williamston Police Move to Make Room for Brew Pub

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The City of Williamston Police Department is packing up and moving its station to make room for a new Brew Pub.

City Manager Alan Dolley says the Police Department closed the sale on its property at 1500 West Grand River at the end of July. It's moving out this week into a temporary location with the Department of Public Works at 781 Progress Court. That's in an Industrial Park.

Dolley says Police will break ground on a brand new building soon. It will be built in the same location where it once stood next to City Hall. Police were forced to move after a tornado rolled through the city and damaged the building. Dolley says, "For years people have been saying that they wanted the police department back downtown. The police department was located down there and that building was taken out with a tornado 7 years ago. So it will go back in the same location."

Dolley says the move is a "win-win" for everyone. The Brew Pub will bring about 30 new jobs and new tax revenue. Police will be more visible downtown and able to interact with people at City Hall on a daily basis.