Wife Testifies in Hallak Trial

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CHARLOTTE (WILX)-- Her husband is accused of molesting nearly a dozen female patients, and she claims the victims are making it up.

Dr. Kassem Hallak's wife took the stand in his sexual assault trial Tuesday. She firmly stood by her husband, testifying he would've never been alone during some of the more serious accusations.

"All male providers have a chaperone, for same reasons like this, you don't want any issues after." said Mrs. Hallak.

One charge in particular that Mrs. Hallak said wasn't possible, was the teenagers claim that Dr. Hallak grabbed her groin and asked her to cough during a school sports physical.

She said it wasn't possible because she was the one who saw all the girls that day.

"That's the idea of having two physicians. The female physician sees the female patients, and the male physicians see the male patients."

She said the claim sounded strangely like her procedure to check for femoral hernias.

"If they are standing, and in the gym they were standing, that is one way to try to check a hernia."

Mrs. Hallak also testified about changes made to medical records, which came up earlier in the trial.

Dr. Hallak was accused of making changes after he found out about the charges, adding information about some of the alleged victims.
Mrs. Hallak said it's normal for doctors to make amendments after seeing a patient.

"He remembered a lot more after the investigator and detective had left. It was in his best interest to add or make an amendment to the notes."

But he didn't sign or date the amendments like he should have.

Dr. Hallak is expected to take the stand on Wednesday. Prosecution says his testimony could take up a few days.

We will be in court when he gives his side of the story.

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