Wheeldon Gets Preliminary Examination In Ingham County Court

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Ricky Wheeldon entered the Ingham County court with a complacent look on his face, the option of fleeing the court is slim to none. In Ingham County he faces five felony charges for possession of meth, cocaine, and other prescription drugs as well as carrying a firearm.

The last time he was in court he was being convicted of drug and weapons charges in Jackson County, which is when he took off. He was convicted of racketeering, weapons and drug charges in Jackson County earlier this year. However, five and-a-half months later, he was caught with a firearm and illegal drugs in Ingham County and Thursday he had his preliminary exam for those Ingham County charges.

The only witness available to testify for the prosecution was an undercover officer. He describes part of the arrest.

"At the back of the car I said, 'What's your name,'" said the undercover officer. "I can't recall what it was that he told me, another name. And I just, said, come on Ricky, and he looked at me and said, I got to try."

The Michigan State Police Trooper who made the arrest of Wheeldon was unavailable to attend the hearing, because he is in New Jersey helping with the Hurricane Sandy clean up efforts.

What further complicates the case is the fact that these charges are being pressed in Ingham County and absconding and the other charges are in Jackson, and so Wheeldon is going back and forth in the legal system between Jackson and Ingham counties.

With the word "love" tattooed across his left hand fingers and "mom" tattooed to his right arm, Wheeldon sat listening to evidence be presented against him. Interestingly, it was his mom's three houses that were lost as the collateral for the bond when Wheeldon skipped bail in Jackson last May.

The court didn't bind over the charges, as is usually the case, instead, it postponed the rest of the preliminary examination until after Wheeldon's sentencing is done in Jackson County, which is where he is now headed.

The rest of the preliminary examination in Ingham County will be December 6, after he's sentenced for the old conviction in Jackson County.

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