What's New at MSU

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Everything you see is green. And in East Lansing, that can only mean one thing.

MSU football is back.

The fans couldn't be happier about the season starting, or the new and improved Spartan Stadium.

The players got ready for the game Friday in a million dollar locker room, part of the $24.5 million renovation to the North End zone of the stadium.

The school even took the time to renovate the visiting teams' lockers too.

And after 15 months of building, the players finally got some new digs.

Long time coach George Perles says the players have been needing this for a long time.

"I think it's something that's been needed for 30 years," Perles said.

But that's not the only change, the other big surprise was the new Sparty the Spartan.

The new Sparty has a new $15,000 costume of dark green.

The famous helmet and game face aren't going anywhere. The mascot will also get some new shoulder pads embellished with the Spartan logo.

But fans say no matter what changes come, the traditions of tailgating and touchdowns will never go away.