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Nurse Practitioner Linda Eckerson at McLaren Greater Lansing-DeWitt Family Medicine is treating a lot of patients with bee stings this week.

Most of the time, they're just annoying and will heal quickly.

There will be an instant, sharp, burning pain at the sting site, along with a red welt. You'll have a pale, raised area where the stinger punctured the skin, as well as itching and swelling.

If your reaction isn't serious, remove the stinger as soon as possible by scraping it out with the edge of a credit card or a fingernail.

Wash the area with soap and water, and apply a cold pack and hydrocortisone cream. You can take an oral antishitamine, too.

If you have a serious allergic reaction, you need to seek immediate emergency medical attention. If you're allergic, bee stings can be life-threatening.

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