What's Going Around

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In Okemos, Dr. Dennis Perry at Meridian Primary Care, a partner of McLaren Greater Lansing, is seeing patients with respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

In adults, RSV acts like a cold. In kids, especially under age one, there will likely be asthma-like symptoms.

Symptoms of RSV include: runny, stuffy nose; fever, headache, decreased appetite, wheezing, breathing difficulties and cough.

Antibiotics won't help because RSV is a virus.

To treat the symptoms, Dr. Perry suggests propping up the head to make breathing easier, using a humidifier, resting and drinking lots of fluids.

He also recommends bundling up your child and taking him or her outdoors in the cool night air to help with breathing.

A hot shower may help ease breathing problems as well.

See a doctor if your child is acting especially tired or ill, has a high fever, or has trouble breathing.

Symptoms are always worse at night. Dr. Perry says patients can expect three bad nights, with the first being the worst. A cough can linger for a week or two.

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