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Family Nurse Practitioner Linda Eckerson at DeWitt Family Medicine, a partner of McLaren Greater Lansing, is treating Fifth Disease this week.

Adults can get it, but it's more common in kids ages five to 15.

It starts with a low-grade fever. Other symptoms include: headache, runny nose, stuffy nose, red eyes, sore throat, swollen glands, diarrhea, and achy joints.

Once those symptoms go away, a bright red rash appears on the cheeks. It looks like the child has been slapped. The itchy rash spreads to the trunk, arms and legs.

Antibiotics won't work on Fifth Disease because it is a virus.

To speed up recovery, rest, drink fluids and eat nutritious meals.

See a doctor if your child develops a widespread rash accompanied by other symptoms.

If you are pregnant and come into contact with someone with Fifth Disease, or if you develop a widespread rash, you should see a doctor.

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