What's Bugging You? Homes Demolished in Jackson

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Monika Schwab watched a bulldozer clear away what is left of a home on South Jackson street, fearing that her home is next.

"For them to say no, you cannot fix up that home, and we are going to tear it down without giving you that opportunity is a violation of my rights," said Schwab.

After Monika received the deed for the condemned home she purchased at the Jackson County Tax Sale, she began attempting to repair the home. If the city believes it would cost more money to repair a home than replace it they make the call to knock it down.

"I should be able to spend the money how I want not the way the city deems necessary. If it's not worth it to the city it is worth it to me, and I should have that right," explained Schwab.

These homes were purchased for a relatively low price, but owners are having to pay the demolition fees, which can exceed $10,000. Owners have also lost money on repairs.

"I started to try to fix the roof, but they ordered us to stop working on it. They will not allow us to fix the homes. They will not allow us to get work permits. There is no appeal process in order to get permits," said Schwab.

Monika has not received a demolition notice from the City of Jackson, but it is looking like her home may be the next to go. Back in December, a group of people including Monka Schwab joined forces to file a lawsuit against the city, in an effort to stop the wrecking ball from reaching their homes. But Schwab tells that us since then the group has been unable to find an attorney who will take on their case. We called the city manager but did not get a response.

We've reported on Jackson's aggressive effort to demolish vacant homes. The city has said that having these condemned properties brings down the value of the homes in the area, so they think it is best to remove them.