West Wing Actors Back Michigan Supreme Court Candidate

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A video on the internet is making waves in Michigan.

"He's upgraded it to a calamity, a catastrophe," said Lily Tomlin in the parody.

"I'm telling you it's an apocalypse," said Bradley Whitford.

"It's an apocalypse now?!," said Martin Sheen.

The parody is based off of NBC's prime-time hit, "The West Wing," starring, among others Martin Sheen.

"If they just casually vote the party line, then their interests will continue to go unrepresented," said Sheen in the video.

"Josh is convinced that it's something more than a crisis," said Tomlin.

In just 15 hours the video has garnered more than 6,000 views. It highlights the importance of the non-partisan section of the ballot, and gives a plug to Mary McCormack's sister, Bridgett.

Bridgett Mary McCormack is running for the Michigan Supreme Court. Unlike the other candidates, she has found a unique way to get her name not just on the ballot, but recognized.

"People should make sure that the Supreme Court is one that has integrity and independence and is committed to protecting all Michigan citizens, including it's families and children," said Bridget Mary McCormack, a candidate for Michigan Supreme Court. "I have spent my legal career trying to work to make sure the justice system works better for everybody."

"The more they find out that she's found technicalities to free criminals, murderers and rapists from prison, the more they will be troubled. No YouTube video will be able to make up for that," said Matt Frendewey, the Communication's Director for the Michigan Republican Party.

There are actually two versions of the video, the second is a public service announcement and doesn't mention McCormack, it just draws attention to the non-partisan issue sections on every ballot. That video is currently far less popular, thus far only receiving more than 175 views, just a fraction of the other.

"We didn't have to do that generic version," said McCormack. "We did it because ultimately we are hoping to increase awareness about the drop off rate in this section of the ballot."

McCormack says between 25 and 38 percent of people who cast ballots do not fill out the non-partisan sections at the bottom. She invites other candidates to use the generic version of the video to promote awareness, and says other candidates are welcome to putting their own slide at the end of the video are reposting for their campaigns.

Michigan Republicans call the video a distraction from McCormick's record.

"I think having a bunch of West, you know, Hollywood, left-wing liberals supporting your campaign for justice, which is supposed to be a non-partisan gig, isn't helpful," said Frendewey.

"I'd rather run on my own positives and if people think I'm an attractive candidate then they think so," said McCormack. "The most important issue for our state Supreme Court is restoring public confidence in it's outcomes. I think folks worry that it's partisan and political."

McCormack is up against six other people who mare running for state Supreme Court and there are only two spots available for the eight year terms that Supreme court justices serve.

You can see McCormack's campaign video here.

The generic version can be found here.

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