Water Pipe Bursts; Flooding Lansing Neighborhood

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LANSING (WILX)-- The below-freezing temperatures are taking their toll on houses. A Lansing neighborhood flooded after the water pipe in an abandoned home burst, and homeowners are spending the weekend cleaning up.

Katrina Greeley has lived two houses down from the abandoned home for 7 years. Friday night she stepped into something new; her basement had flooded.

"I heard the squish of the wet carpet and saw a water puddle around my feet. I started wet vacuuming and pulled up the carpet and noticed all the carpet underneath was just soaked," said Greeley.

Her home wasn't the only one, her next-door neighbors told her they had more than 6 inches of standing water in their basement. Down the hill, neighbor Dawn Staffords now has an ice rink for a backyard.

"Come to find out the house next door, that is vacant, the pipes froze and flooded so I have pooling in our backyard and it was just frustrating trying to get a hold of someone," said Staffords.

The water to this abandoned house has been turned off, but the owner has not been reached. That means water is still coming into the neighboring homes, and will continue to do so until at least Monday according to property owner Ingham County Land Bank.

"The likelihood to be able to pick up the phone and reach somebody is probably low. The owner owns a home that has been empty for 6 years, and that's not the type of person that we can easily get a hold of," said Land Bank Chair Eric Schertizing.

Schertzing says he will try Monday to figure out if the neighbors can get money for their damages, but says it's unlikely if the homeowner of the abandoned house doesn't have insurance.

"I want to call my attorneys and ask them what they think the legal options for the folks in neighborhood that have been negatively impacted by this. I want to ask if there is some connection we can make to cover some of the damages," said Schertizing.

Until then greeley and her neighbors will just have to sit and wait to find out whats going to be done about their damages.

Schertzing says Land bank will investigate why the utilities were not shut off when the home first became abandoned.

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