Water Main Breaks Up in East Lansing

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East Lansing (WILX)-- Broken water mains, it's another side effect from the cold. It's the time of the year when they start to happen, but the numbers are up according to East Lansing Public Works.

In 2013 East Lansing had 13 water main breaks , and they've already had 19 so far this year.

It doesn't hep that the severe weather this winter has been making them tough to repair.

"We have to use a chipping hammer because the road is that hard. We could literally be there 12-15 hours on a single main break," said Ron Lacasse, Infrastructure Administrator for East Lansing.

Under the roads the ground can be frozen more than three feet says Lacasse.

"We're anywhere from 12 to 18 inches deeper than what we've seen in recent years."

The frost is getting so deep, it's reaching pipes that normally don't freeze.

In Lansing, the BWL has been getting reports of at least twelve frozen pipes a day; that's up from the typical two reports.

Unfortunately the breaks will likely continue for a few more weeks.

"We don't expect this to be the end of the season. It will go on for at least another month," said Lacasse.

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