Was Captain Among First to Leave?

Rescuers are facing harsh weather conditions as they search for the hundreds of passengers still missing.
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MOKPO, South Korea (AP) -- A coast guard official in South Korea says investigators are looking into whether the captain of the sunken ferry got on the first rescue boat at the scene. The captain was among the crew members who survived the sinking, which may have killed nearly 300 people.
There are still more than 270 people unaccounted for, while the number of confirmed deaths has reached 20.
A crew member says as the ship started to list, there was no immediate order for passengers to evacuate, because officers were still trying to stabilize the vessel.
Video that was shot by a survivor shows the vessel listing severely as people in life jackets cling to the side of the ship. A loudspeaker announcement can be heard telling passengers to stay in their quarters.
The search for people who were on board the ferry has been hampered today by strong, dangerous currents, as well as rain and bad visibility. But officials say divers will keep trying to enter the ship.

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