Waitress Gets $500 Tip to Fulfill "Aaron's Last Wish"

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"This is yours from my brother Aaron. It's $500."
"Well thank you; I don't even know what to do with this."

That’s Seth Collins who gave the 500-dollar tip to Kaylee Hidalgo.

He’s been doing it even since his brother Aaron died a little less than a year ago.

Aaron’s last wish was for his family to leave a huge tip for a waiter -- his brother decided to keep it going and take it on the road.

"That surprise sort of went away at home because everybody had heard about it and they sort of expected that eventually I’m going to be at their restaurant and when I go to a new place and they've never heard of it. It really has a big impact, they share it with all of their friends and family and so it makes more lives happy in the process."

People donated $ 60,000 through Pay Pal after the first tip went viral on YouTube.Seth has given $26,000 away so far. He hopes to be up to $50,000 by the end of his road trip to fifty states.

He’ll give the rest of it away randomly on his brother's birthday.

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