WILX Poll: Romney Losing Ground in Mich.

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After months of campaigning and millions of dollars spent in Michigan, the presidential race is down to the final days. Our exclusive News 10 "Voice of the Voter" poll conducted by EPIC-MRA shows Romney's momentum has stalled.

President Obama is leading Governor Romney 48 to 42 percent among Michigan voters. Voters who are undecided or will for another candidate is 10 percent. Compared to our poll earlier this month, shortly after the first debate, Obama remains unchanged, but Romney is down three points.

"That first debate has probably had more of an impact in this election than i have seen in any previous election. You just don't see that kind of movement from one debate," said Bernie Porn, a pollster at EPIC-MRA.

Going deeper into the numbers, Obama leads Romney in multiple categories. He's viewed as more likely to seek bipartisan solutions, and better at protecting social security and medicare, making affordable health insurance available, and handling the war in Afghanistan. Another

Governor Romney is favored in our poll as better at handling the economy and creating jobs, controlling the price of gasoline, and dealing with the federal budget deficit.

The widening margin between President Obama and Romney means if Romney wants to win Michigan he has a lot of ground to make up in the next few days. What's further making it hard for the Romney campaign, more people feel the country is in the right direction.

"Among Michigan voters 43 percent now say, which is the highest level in years, that the country is going in the right direction. So that is starting to have an impact," said Porn.

He says that number has been as low as 20 and 25 points.

When it comes to the senate race, according to our EPIC-MRA poll Sen. Stabenow appears to have a strong reelection campaign,,, leading Pete Hokestra by 21 points.

"Hokestra was unable to really introduce himself to the extent needed. There's still a large percentage of voters who do not know him, or who recognize the name and have not formed an opinion of him," said Porn.

Porn says Hokestra hasn't done enough advertising to get people to know who he is.

"Plus he's had some missteps in his campaign in terms of some of the advertisements that he has done," said Porn.

Our poll sampled 600 voters across the state. While there is a margin of error of plus or minus 4 points, the winners are very clear in each race we looked at. Of course no one's voice is louder than the people who go to the polls. This time next week, WILX will be reporting the actual results and not just projections.

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