Volunteers of America Delivers Christmas Meals

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Empty streets and closed stores are sure signs it's Christmas day, but at least one place is still bustling. Volunteers of America in Lansing started early in the kitchen, preparing meals for about 350 people.

"As a veteran that was just awarded housing voucher with the Lansing Housing Commission, it's part of giving back," said volunteer Robert Morgan Jr.

This is a Christmas day tradition at VOA as volunteers cooked and packed full meals including turkey, gravy, mash potatoes and more, delivered by more volunteers to homebound recipients who may not otherwise have a holiday feast.

"Some of these folks [volunteers] have been doing this for so long, they just come in, they know exactly what to do. It's a wonderful assembly line," said volunteer Jaqui Stone, who is also on the board of directors for VOA Michigan.

Working on Christmas has become a tradition for Stoneman. Together with her husband, they've been bringing ready meals to people on Christmas day for the past 15 years.

"Christmas is all about family, it's about home and some of the people that we deliver to they don't have families. For the most part, some of them are alone on Christmas and this will be the only meal they are served today," said Stoneman.

"Seeing so many people giving up most of their Christmas day if not all of it to come out here and serve the community, that's what it's all about," Stoneman continued.

She said knowing that they're able to help others during the holidays is the best reward. So good that they'll be back on the road again Christmas day 2013.

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