Vigil Held for Murdered Pharmacist

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A few dozen people gathered outside the Rite-Aid in Frandor Monday evening to hold a vigil for Michael Addo, a pharmacist who was shot to death two weeks ago. Addo was from Ghana and has no family in the United States. But his friendly nature left a mark on his customers, many of whom have donated money to help his wife and daughter in Africa. "Since Michael came from a country, Ghana, where people have to pay for their education, even from primary grade, the fact that Michael's wife and daughter are without him means that they need our help," said Rev. Rick Boyd, one of Addo's customers. "Michael was our friend and we need to be the friend of his family. Michael shared himself with us and we need to share our resources with them." Mourners poured water around the outside of the rite-aid to symbolize their tears and to symbolize the cleansing and healing effect they hope Monday night's vigil will have on the community. The Rite-Aid Foundation is making sure Addo's body will be returned to Ghana for burial. Ricard Taylor is charged with killing Addo inside the Rite-Aid and Jordan Rogers at his home in East Lansing on May 12. He's being held without bond while waiting for the results of a forensic exam to determine if he's competent to stand trial. We'll be tracking the case for you.

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