Victim Identifies Raulie Casteel As The I-96 Shooter

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HOWELL (WILX)-- Imagine seeing a shooter drive away laughing after they tried to kill you and miss. One victim of the I-96 shooter swears she saw Raulie Casteel moments after he shot at her car.

Lori-Ann Arthur took the stand in the Raulie Casteel trial Thursday to describe what she heard and saw.

"I heard such a large boom. I thought my motor blew at first... I remember this car passing me and the guy laughing... I remember thinking "Why is that so funny? I must have hit something,'" said Arthur.

She's one of the only victims that got a good look at the shooter, and she swears it was Raulie Casteel.

"I turned on the tv and I saw him go across the screen in his orange jumpsuit and smile. I knew that smile."

The other victims all seem to tell a similar story. They all heard a loud noise while on the road, only to later find bullet holes.

"Going into the left lane and I heard a large bang," said Aaron Mason.

"There was a bullet hole in the grill and as I looked at it I saw that the antifreeze was leaking out," said Michael Baber.

Some victims like Baber and Stacy Banks knew they were being shot at.

"I was alarmed and bewildered. I think gun shots have a specific sound.. so I pulled over, got out and I was looking for bullet holes. That's how certain I was just shot," said Banks.

Others were just thankful to have escaped with their lives after they realized what was going on; a man shooting at dozens of cars during an 11-day stretch in October 2012.

"I feel very blessed to know that I made it... The next day was senior day and as I was walking my son across the field all I could think about is that he would have been planning my funeral if I had been a second later," said Arthur.

The trial takes a break on Friday and will resume on Tuesday. Raulie Casteel is expected to testify sometime next week. We'll of course keep you posted on what happens next.

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