Vice President Joe Biden Says Workers Deserve "Fair Share"

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Hundreds of union workers packed the grounds of old Tiger Stadium in Detroit on Monday, where Vice President Joe Biden kicked off the city's Labor Day parade.

"A job's about a lot more than your paycheck," Biden said. "It's about your dignity, it's about your place in the community, it's about who you are."

While the Vice President applauded the power of unions he lashed out at corporations, criticizing executive salaries and tax breaks--which he says widen the gap between the middle class and the wealthy.

"Why in god's name does someone who makes tens of millions of dollars managing a hedge-fund pay only 15 percent in taxes while a GM worker earning $55,000 pay 25 percent in taxes?," Biden asked the crowd.

Biden says his priority is the middle class because, when it's doing well the country does well. Citing that as one reason to raise the national minimum wage.

"The American people have not stopped dreaming," Biden said. "The American people have not walked away from what they believe they are entitled to. Just give them a chance--no handout just give them a chance."

As the unofficial kickoff to the fall campaign season, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer took to the podium, addressing right to work--the law that makes union membership voluntary.

"I will repeal right to work for less," Schauer said. "Because we know that we must build an economy for everyone."

After the speeches thousands of people gathered along the parade route on Michigan Avenue. Marching in solidarity and celebrating the importance of the workforce.

"We do have strength in numbers and that the way to change things is through together as a union," said Ralph Morris Jr., President of UAW local 163.

This is the second time in three years Vice President Biden has come to Detroit for Labor Day.

In response to his visit Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bob Schostak issued a statement saying the state is on track to make a faster comeback than the nation as a whole.

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