Vandals Targeting Cars In Jackson

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A shattered window and broken glass were not what Dennis Darbig was expecting to see when he got home from work.

" You gotta be kidding me," sharing his reaction to seeing the broken window in car.

The car, parked at his house on the 300 block of Bates Street, was one of several in Jackson targeted by vandals.

"We believe that somebody is driving in a vehicle and just driving by and shooting windows out," said Deputy Chief John Holda with the Jackson Police Department.

Police believe the vandal or vandals have been hitting cars over night since the majority of reports are coming from people who discover the damage as they're leaving for work in the morning.

"Most of the vehicles are parked either on the roadway or adjacent to the road and driveways near the road," Holda said.

So police are advising people to park their cars farther from the street or in a garage while they search for the perpetrators.

"We're leaving all options right now it possibly could be more than one person it could a single person," Holda added.

It's not the first time something like this has happened in Jackson.
Last year two people were arrested for shooting at dozens of vehicles.
Police don't believe the incidents are related.

"The sooner we identify him the better and get them off the street the better," Holda said.

When it comes to picking up the pieces, it will be a high cost for people who have to pay for repairs out-of-pocket.

"It's gonna cost me I'm thinking about $200 to fix it," Darbig said.

For now Darbig says he isn't taking any chances.

"I'm just going to park it down by the garage it seems like it would be a little safer down here," he said.

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