Update: Owner of 12 Seized Horses Says They Weren't Neglected

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Jean Wainscott says her horses were well cared for, but the Livingston County Animal Control says Wainscott has given them one of their biggest problems.

"We've probably been out here six to seven times this year...but, there was no cooperation," said Debbie Oberle of the Animal Control.

It took several hours, but they took all of Wainscott's 12 horses to an equine center in Fowlerville to be fed and treated for injuries. When responders originally arrived, the horses had no food, water, or shelter; which is against the law.

Wainscott was charged Wednesday with neglecting the horses (a felony), and she says she's been in court several other times, fighting to get her horses back.

She always gets them back for some reason," said Wainscott's neighbor Isabel Kieper. She says she's sick of seeing the horses come and go, often stopping to feed them herself, when she thinks they're looking too skinny.

"She's not able to take care of all these animals," continued Kieper.

The Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition was called by the animal control to help gather the horses, and Vice President Jodi Louth says they're starting to get calls for cases like this, too often.

"There's so many cases of people continuing to breed horses when they can't even take care of the ones that they have," she said.

Especially after last summer's drought, causing fa spike in the cost of hay, which Wainscott admits, has been tough on her wallet. Although she still claims the animals had enough food and water, and were fine using the trees for shelter.

All while claiming animal control is just out to get her: "Am I surprised they're doing this? Since it's gonna go to court? And since they want this all on TV? I'm not surprised," said Wainscott.

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