Update: I-96 Corridor Shootings, Ballistics Report

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Officers with the task force investigating last week's roadway shooting incidents in Ingham, Livingston, Oakland and Shiawassee counties says the same gun has been used in all the shootings for which they have physical evidence.

Both the Michigan State Police Forensic Laboratory and the Oakland County Sheriff's Office Forensic Laboratory expedited the analysis to aid in the task force's efforts.

There were 24 reported incidents of a man firing on cars between Tuesday October 16 and Thursday October 18. The task force reports that there have been no new incidents since the evening of Thursday, October 18, 2012. No one has been hurt. The task force has received over 400 tips since news broke of the shootings.

In a statement to the media Friday, the officers say, "The task force encourages citizens to remain vigilant in reporting information leading to potential suspects. Further, the task force would like to stress that if you know of a friend, family member, or neighbor that is involved or has information about these shootings to contact the Wixom Police Department or make an anonymous tip at 1-800-SPEAK UP."

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