4PM Update: BWL Electricity Restoration

As of 4 p.m. Tuesday, December 31, the Board of Water & Light has 400 customer outages, down from 550 earlier this afternoon.
The BWL projects that full restoration of power to its electric service territory will be operational by 11:59 p.m. today, Tuesday, December 31. Full restoration of power means that service is available to all customers, with the exception of customers whose homes require repairs before service can be reconnected by the BWL.

The BWL has 32 line crews making repairs in the field Tuesday. In addition, there are 13 tree trimming crews, 3 Electric Service Worker crews and 9 spotter crews in the field Tuesday.

Line crews are working in the following areas Tuesday to restore power along circuits that are reflected by the following street intersections. These are general outage locations and crews move to other areas near and far once repairs are completed. Some areas require more than one line crew:
MLK/Mt. Hope
York Rd./Glassgow
Grand River/Cynwood
Grace/W. Genesee
Remy Dr./Grand River
Butterfield/Snyder (E. Lansing)
Hagadorn/Haslett (E. Lansing)
Hagadorn/River Terrace (E. Lansing)
Hagadorn/Grand River (E. Lansing)
Westview/Highland (E. Lansing)
Gunson/Grand River (E. Lansing)
Glenhaven /Saginaw (E. Lansing)

The current outage number does not include single service reconnection requests - customers who need electrical contractors to reattach masts, or customers whose electrical contractor has completed repairs and require permanent service reconnection by the BWL. The BWL has dedicated 10 crews to these service reconnection requests and are dispatching crews around the clock to complete.

The BWL Meter Department has expanded hours to accommodate electrical contractors and customers who need replacement parts, provided at no cost, to repair damage to meter boxes due to masts being pulled away from homes. The BWL Meter Department is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. until further notice, and is located in Building "G" at 1140 S. Pennsylvania.

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