Upcoming Primary Has Candidates Hot on the Campaign Trail

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For the first time since 1998, the 8th Congressional District seat is open.

Former Senate Majority Leader, Mike Bishop, and State Representative Tom McMillin are the Republican candidates looking to fill it.

"Philosophically we're not that far apart. This is a Republican primary. We're gonna move forward, just stay positive and talk about issues," Bishop said.

Both candidates said their previous time in office has prepared them for the position.

Bishop served as the Senate Majority Leader under Governor Granholm from 2007 to 2010. "I learned how to pass budgets without tax increases. I learned how to control the size of government. While I served as majority leader, the size and scope of government actually reduced," he said.

McMillin has been a State Representative since 2009. "I've been able to stand up to both parties. You know, sometimes you don't want to have someone who is going to do whatever the Republicans say because sometimes the Republicans don't do what they should do, they act more like Democrats," McMillin explained.

McMillin said state government needs to have more say in its own affairs. "It's really pushing power out of Washington. I'm going there not to go to fancy dinners and shake people's hands and fold into the Washington way."

Bishop said the overreach of government in general needs to be controlled. "Folks are sick and tired of all the craziness of government and the spending that's going on. And the unwielding nature of government. People want to put the brakes on and start bringing order back to they system again."

Subtle differences within the Republican ranks.

Mike Rogers, who currently holds the seat, has endorsed Bishop. McMillin said the Tea Party is backing his campaign.