University of Michigan student hurls insults at Uber driver

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Uber driver, Artur Zawada uploaded a video to YouTube of what seems to be an abusive student who hurls insults at him. While the student is the main one speaking in the video, he's not acting alone.

The Michigan Review reports that the University of Michigan student insulting the driver is Jake Croman.

The video opens with Croman saying, "You're canceling us again? Why? For what? They don't give a [expletive] about you, they don't give two [expletive]'s there's 50 of you and there's 1 of me here who spends the most money here you little [expletive]. Yeah [expletive] you, Artur, you little [expletive], [expletive], you wanna kick me out, kick me off you little [expletive]. You're an Uber driver, go [expletive] drive you little [expletive]. Minimum wage [expletive]. Go [expletive] yourself."

But that's not the end of it, as Croman walks away he continues cursing at the driver. "See you later. Go pick up another [expletive]. You're working all day? Guess what. I'm going to go sit on my [expletive] and watch T.V. [Expletive] you."

Zawada commented on the YouTube video, offering more information.

"Ladies and gentlemen :)).... This is 4th time that I have been harassed by this rider and his friends. Nov. Dec. and twice in March. I told him on 3rd occasion that I requested Uber to banned him but he is/was using friends accounts. Told him and his friends that I will not take them and that he/they need to get out of my car..... For that I was falsely accused, called names etc.
4th time... Rider knew from Uber application who is the driver. He had option to cancel to avoid any issues but he/they proceeded to abuse, harrase, belittle and provoke like kindergarten thugs."

Detroit Free Press reports that Croman, who is Jewish, claims that the video only shows half the story. Saying that the driver started the argument by making an anti-Semitic comment.

The University of Michigan and the fraternity Croman belongs to have launched an investigation.

WARNING: The embedded video contains cursing / graphic language.

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