University of Michigan Pumped For Championship Game

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It was the calm before the storm in Ann Arbor on Monday as students wait out the final hours before game time against Louisville.

"It might be raining, it might be kinda gloomy outside, but let me tell you, everybody is alive and well in Ann Arbor, and it's just, it's a great feeling," University of Michigan freshman Nick Swider said.

It's a feeling spreading through the streets and into classrooms. Many professors even let classes out early.

"It's full blown today, everybody has their Michigan gear on, professors, parents," Damiana Sorrell said. "Everybody's talking about it, asking about it. Taking a couple minutes out of class just to talk about it."

Current students aren't the only ones catching the fever. Carrie Stein graduated in 1993, the last time Michigan made it to the final, and now she came back to the Michigan Union to buy t-shirts for her kids.

"I was walking down here thinking, am I in the right place? Everything's kinda coming back to me," Stein said.

Stein was in the right place, but the t-shirt she wanted was sold out. It's a problem happening around campus, and the Alumni Association said it's a problem they like to have.

"This is huge, and the fact that it hasn't happened in 20 years, and it's been such a long road, it's just all the more sweet for alumni now," Senior Communication Coordinator for the Alumni Association Brad Whitehouse said.

Michigan Alumni are at least 500,000 strong, and many of them are in Atlanta right now. The Alumni Association is hosting several events there, but the celebrations aren't limited to Ann Arbor and Atlanta.

"Guaranteed they are getting together all around the world to watch this game tonight," Whitehouse said.

For those in Ann Arbor, it's on -- even if you're not a student.

"Our kids are all into it, and we're going to let them stay up and watch it," Stein said.

For students, they feel like they're a part of history.

"It's a huge game win or lose, and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity I think for any Michigan student to see this during their career here," Swider said.

Police plan to take extra precautions as well.

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