Unions Prepare for Capitol Protest

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A feeling of determination filled the air of UAW Local 600 in Dearborn as hundreds of union members prepared for battle.

"I think on Tuesday, we're going to see the biggest crowd at the Capitol that we've ever seen down there," said Jeff Breslin, President of the Michigan Nurses Association.

With the State House looking to vote on the final piece of right-to-work legislature, Tuesday, several of the state's unions met, Saturday, to plan and coordinate a massive protest outside the Capitol.

Breslin, also a nurse at Sparrow Hospital, was one of many people who drove a long way to attend the rally.

"We need to make sure that everybody is prepared and everybody understands what is going on so that it is a coordinated effort," said Breslin. "We were given techniques to DE-escalate situations. This is going to be a non-violent protest."

A non-violent protest for a cause that people like Tiffany Coger, a Chairperson for Local 600, are ready to go to jail for.

"I'm will to do whatever it takes," said Coger. "If I have to go to jail...this is so important. We have a rich history in Michigan, we're the auto capital of the world. We can't have right-to-work here."

After being shut-out of the Capitol, Thursday, UAW President, Bob King, says the state legislature will hear what the unions have to say on Tuesday.

"What they're doing, jamming it through lame duck because they know they can't pass it after the first of the year is wrong and they're going to hear from a lot of people and I hope they rethink their position," said King.

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