Unions, Police Prepare For Tuesday's Right To Work Protest

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The state House is expected to pass the final Right to Work bill when it's back in session Tuesday.

Unions are planning an even bigger protest for their last chance to keep it from going to the Governor's desk, but for now, there's a brief calm before the next storm at the Capitol.

"Did it go the way we wanted? No. But if they told us no, am I supposed to say, 'Let me gather my stuff up and get out of your way,'? We're not going away," Local UAW 652 President Mike Green said.

Thousands of protestors are expected at the Capitol for what will probably be the biggest protest yet.

"It's going to look like wall to wall people," Green said. "We're calling everybody we can call and telling them, 'Bring a friend.' If you're concerned, it's time to show up and let them know."

Several other unions and interest groups have big plans for Tuesday. Some are even taking part in a civil disobedience training over the weekend. Meanwhile, Michigan State Police are getting ready, too.

"This is a special situation, so we've mobilized troopers from all over the state to come in. and make sure that we are able to keep the people and the property safe here," Michigan State Police Capt. Harold Love said.

Troopers are stationed at the Capitol 24 hours a day through Tuesday. At night vehicles watch over every major entrance, and about 200 troopers are on-call. They said their plan is very fluid for any situation that may arise.

"We're going to be prepared for whatever may come," Capt. Love said. "We want to make sure they're able to come here, express their opinions, voice their concerns, but do it in a manner that's safe for everybody. We don't anyone to be injured here."

Many are fighting through sore throats from chanting, including Green, who said that's no excuse.

"Show up at the Capitol," Green said.

As many as 100 state troopers are stationed in or around the capitol at all times for the next couple of days.

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