US-127/I-94 Construction Begins

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JACKSON (WILX)-- If potholes aren't causing you to take detours yet, the orange barrels will.

Construction season got underway in Jackson County Monday.

Ramps and bridges at the US 127 and I-94 interchange are now shut down through the summer.
The detours won't just be a headache for drivers.

That means detours, and they won't just be a headache for driver. Those living on Ann Arbor road will now have to deal with the traffic increase.

"It's going to be pretty congested... I guess I'm going to have to go the back-way if I'm going to get anywhere," said Jeff Reyives.

The congestion, the noise, it has some homeowners feeling helpless.

"What are you going to do?" said Reyives.

They can't do much, but Jackson County Sheriff's Department plans to target the area this summer.

"One way or another, we'll be out there. Best we can do is keep it at the posted speed and keep drivers from using driveways as turnarounds," said Sheriff Steve Rand.

It's a extensive project. The bridge, originally built in 1958, has to be completely reconstructed.
Northbound 127 isn't scheduled to be re-opened until June and southbound will be closed until August..

"The longer it goes on the more accidents will happen," said Rand.

Getting the project done as soon as possible is everyone's priority. Especially before the June 13th race at Michigan International Speedway.

"There is a fifty thousand dollar incentive for the contractor to finish before the first race and if they don't it works the other way with a fifty thousand dollar disincentive," said Mark Grazioli, MDOT spokesperson.

Nightly lane closures of I-94 were supposed to start Monday as well, but they've been pushed back to start Wednesday night. MDOT plans to close I-94 no more than ten nights throughout the summer.
Overnight detours will posted as well.

We timed those detours on Monday. They will add about fifteen minutes to your normal drive time, so plan ahead.

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