UPDATE: Three People Charged with Killing MSU Student

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St. Johns (WILX)-- Brass knuckles, drugs, and money; it all supposedly led to murder of MSU student Dustyn Frolka.

Frolka was found on I-69 near the East Lansing exit, on February 15th.

Three people were charged on Monday in connection to the murder.
18 year old Samantha Grigg, 18 year old Tyrel Bredernitz, and 16 year old Brendan Heim all appeared by television in the Clinton County District Courthouse. (Brendan Heim is being charged as an adult).

Each were charged with open murder, attempted robbery, and conspiracy to commit an armed robbery. They face up to life in prison if convicted.

Prosecutor Charles Sherman say the three former Saline High School students had a relationship with the victim, but wouldn't elaborate.
He believes money was the motive.

"The allegation is that they conspired together to rob him. Clearly we believe the evidence shows that they were planning on conducting a robbery," said Sherman.

Drugs were involved according to police, who say they seized what looks like cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana from the scene of the crime.
Toxoligy reports have yet to determine if Frolka was on drugs, and the exact cause of his death is still under investigation.

"We believe the actual event took place in the car," said Sherman.

In the car, where Frolka was beaten with brass knuckles for his money.
Sherman isn't sure the three suspects were the only ones involved.

"The investigation's still open. It's possible others could come into play."

For friends and family, it's a start.

"It is nice that Dustyn's family can have closure. Knowing that the people that are responsible for this are in custody and justice will prevail," said Colt Campbell, speaking for friends of Frolka.

Frolka left behind a young daughter.
A benefit concert to help with her college fund will be held on April 25th at the Hickory Lounge in Owosso.

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