UPDATE: State Fruit Debate Bills Inspired by Students

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Turns out, a couple of bills before a Senate Committee in Michigan Tuesday were inspired by students from two school districts.

The bills would designate the cherry or the blueberry as the official state fruit of Michigan. When we posted the story on the WILX Facebook page, we got a lot of negative comments from people who thought the debate was a waste of time when there are other pressing issues in front of lawmakers, like roads and education.

When we got to the hearing, we discovered nearly 100 students-- half dressed in red shirts and half dressed in blue shirts, presenting their arguments for the cherry or blueberry.

We talked to Senator Dave Hildenbrand (R-Grand Rapids) following Tuesday's testimony about why this came up and what response he had in regards to all the negativity. He said it was a chance for students to see how government works.

"We deal with a lot of issues and this is more about the kids and the students, to give them a good lesson," said Hildenbrand. "They're the future of our state and to bring them to Lansing and the capitol to have this experience is invaluable. So we took an hour of our time to honor them and help support them and their education and learning."

Lawmakers did not vote on the bills today. They were tabled until the next time the committee meets. If they make it out of committee, they would still have to go before the full House & Senate for a vote.

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