UPDATE: More Warrants for Local Roofer

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Eaton County District Court Judge Harvey Hoffman stopped and asked me Thursday morning who I was waiting for.

"Antroy Nathan," I responded.

Judge Hoffman shook his head, warning that Nathan usually doesn't show up for court dates. He then called the case.

"All right let's go on the record for the matter of the people versus Antroy Deon Nathan."

Judge Hoffman wasn't wrong as Nathan was a no-show. He was supposed to be sentenced for illegally transporting medical marijuana-- a charge unrelated to a News 10 investigation of his businesses Best For Less Home Improvement and Affordable Construction.

But instead...

"Once again, I'm going to revoke his bond and issue a bench warrant for his arrest," Judge Hoffman ruled.

News 10 has learned the Ingham County prosecutor also issued an arrest warrant for Nathan, on charges related to his business dealings with the Dulebohn family whose story we reported two weeks ago.

Vicki Dulebohn told me she and her husband paid Nathan $4,500 dollars.

They, like many others, gave Nathan a down payment for a new roof-- that was never built. But they did get many excuses for the delays and a request for $3,000 more dollars.

"Give me my money back," Vicki recalls demanding from Nathan. "''No, no, no, what can you give me?' Finally, he talked us down to $1,000 dollars more."

But the Dulebohns called police instead, and after a Lansing Township Police investigation, the charges were issued.

Nathan is also dodging a third arrest warrant issued by Judge William Collette for violating a court order to do any work within a 60-mile radius of Lansing.

"I just really hope he does not get the chance to do this to anyone else," Vicki warns. "Because he's good at it."

For the nine months we've investigated Nathan, he's constantly told me about many of his satisfied customers. When asked for names and numbers, he often replies "I've got plenty." Two weeks ago he gave us two names and numbers. The first man I contacted said he wanted to sue Nathan over the metal roof he put in. The second said he was very happy with his job. He told me the barn Nathan's crews restored and the Lean-to they added on, was "as good as the day they put it up," which was about a year ago.

It's uncertain if either of those jobs were in violation of the court order.

The Eaton County prosecutor wants to know if anyone in that county feels they've gotten the short end of the stick on a home improvement deal with Nathan. If you feel you have, call the prosecutor's office, or email me at jason.colthorp@wilx.com. You can also tell me on Facebook and Twitter.

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