UPDATE: Local Contractor Bound Over For 2nd Trial

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Antroy Nathan is now facing a trial in two counties. Nathan's home improvement companies Best for Less and Affordable Construction have been under fire from unsatisfied customers over the past year. He was bound over in Eaton County today on fraud charges related to a roofing job in Eaton Rapids last summer that was never finished. He's also charged with working without a proper license.

The job in question was for the house owned by the Puma family last July. The owner testified in court today telling a story of how he and Nathan connected through their days at Eastern High School together-- Mr. Puma a teacher there and Nathan a student. But he told me he quickly realized he wasn't getting a great deal like he thought.

"I wanted this man off the street," said Puma. "I wanted him to rue the day he walked on my front steps to cheat me and I wanted to make sure it never happened to another person. And that's the most important thing in the process."

Puma says he paid Nathan more than $12,000 dollars. He says Nathan started the job, but never finished it, which led to water damage throughout the house when it rained. Nathan says he wasn't allowed to finish the job.

Eaton County Prosecutor Doug Lloyd told me he has been and will remain committed to prosecuting unlicensed contractors. Which explains why right before the preliminary hearing, Nathan was arraigned on new fraud charges for another case in Eaton Rapids. Bond was set at $50,000 dollars. We'll be tracking these cases plus the ones he has in Ingham County.

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