UPDATE: Local Contractor Arrested and Charged

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As of Wednesday night, Antroy Nathan was locked up in the Ingham County Jail.
We've been tracking his businesses "Best for Less" and "Affordable Construction" since last summer-- and the unsatisfied customers left in his wake.
Tuesday that caught up to him.
Nathan was arraigned Wednesday morning on fraud under false pretenses charges related to a deal for a new roof for a family in Lansing Township.
Police investigated, the prosecutor issued the warrant and Nathan was arrested Tuesday night.
Nathan was later arraigned on a second outstanding warrant for violating a court order not to do any home improvement work within a 60-mile radius of Lansing.
He now must either pay $8,000 dollars or spend 65 days in jail.
News 10 has spoken with at least 20 people who say Nathan took their money for home construction work and then never did the job.
Nathan's explanation was too little too late today in front of judge Collette as he stopped him in mid-sentence to tell him his hearing was over. He was referring to the hearing Nathan didn't show up for that resulted in the warrant.
He'll likely be arraigned a third time in Eaton County for failing to show up for sentencing last week for an improper transport of medical marijuana charge unrelated to our investigation.
The Ingham County prosecutor is joining the Eaton County prosecutor in calling for any customers of Nathan's to come forward if they feel they've been ripped off.
The News 10 investigation has also turned up other company names associated with Nathan, including, Millenium Home Improvements and NTG Investments that may have done work in Lansing, Detroit, Novi and Battle Creek.

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