UPDATE: Lansing Detention Officer Found Not Guilty of Assault

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LANSING (WILX)-- A Lansing detention officer will keep his job.

A jury found David Gladstone not guilty of assault on Tuesday.He was acquitted despite video showing him roughing up a teenage inmate.

On Tuesday Gladstone passed up the chance to testify and tell his side of the story, but his attorneys were convinced that the incident wasn't excessive use of force.

"Officer Gladstone and all members of the law enforcement are allowed to touch people," said Brett Naumcheff,Gladstone's attorney.

On March 8th Gladstone entered into a juvenile cell and proceeded to grab and yell at fourteen year old Kane Wicks. Prior to the incident Wicks had been restless in the cell. He had been singing and tapping on the glass consistently, even after Gladstone had twice asked the boy to quiet down.

Also on Tuesday Gladstone's fellow employees testified and agreed that what they saw wasn't something they would consider an assault.

"I don't see hands up and around the neck in this fashion as I would see in a choke. He wants him to sit down," said Greg Rosenberry, Lead Lansing Detention Officer.

Prosecution saw something different.

"Kane Wicks at that moment wasn't out of control. The defendant took himself too Kane, in the lock up. He grabbed him by the throat and he took him down," said Heather Adamo, defending Kane Wicks.

The Wicks wasn't hurt in the incident. During the trial Wicks's excessive criminal track record didn't help his case against Gladstone. Wicks has been arrested multiple times already this year for assault, possession of marijuana, and alcohol intoxication.

It only took the jury an hour to reach the not guilty decision, believing Gladstone was just a man trying to set a kid straight.

"You look at Kane Wicks and we all know there were troubles in the past. Lets hope that the government can turn him around," said Naumcheff.

Wicks is currently enrolled at Ingham Academy, a school that specializes in helping kids who have criminal records.

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