UPDATE: Contractor Using New Names, Still Getting Complaints

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"And he kept telling us this was only going to take a day. One day and they'd be done."

Vicki Dulebohn's story is very familiar.

She and her husband, Joel hired Antroy Nathan to fix the roof on their house of 25 years off West Saginaw. They paid $4,500 up front, but after numerous delays and a request for more money, Vicki got suspicious.

"Under the name Affordable Construction there is a phone number," she explained. "I decided to do a Google search on that phone number. That came up as Best for Less. So I did a search on Best for Less and came up to your stories to find out what had happened."

What had happened, it seemed, was happening again-- customers paying up front for construction work that wasn't getting done. Only this time he had a new company name-- Affordable Construction-- which isn't licensed with the state-- and using his middle name-- Deon.

"When we watched your piece and saw his face-- we knew it was the same guy."

The same guy who is still under a court order not to do work within a 60-mile radius of Lansing-- under any name.

"It's fraud," Dulebohn says. "And no question we were not going to give him another penny."

They also called the Lansing Township Police Department. And unlike previous cases involving Nathan-- this time police opened an investigation and are actively pursuing potential fraud charges.

"I've spoken with probably half a dozen people who were victims of Mr. Nathan," says Jeffrey Hank of Hank Law.

Hank represents Nathan's former employee, J.R. Neely, which got the court order that's effective until May.

"Judge Collette ordered him to pay $7,500 dollars or spend 45 days in the Ingham County Jail and to turn himself in. He didn't do either."

Nathan was arrested in Eaton County last month but because of an error with the type of bail, he was able to bond out of jail. But Hank explained that has been rectified and a new arrest warrant was issued this week.

But right now, he's free to go back to selling jobs door-to-door which is how he came to meet the Duhlebohns

"He needs to be locked up," Vicki says. "He needs to understand the consequences of what he's doing."

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