UPDATE: Clean-up of Downed Lines, Limbs Begins in East Lansing Park

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East Lansing, Mich. (WILX) Lines and limbs were down for months, but it only took a day after WILX aired its report before work began to clean up Shaw Park in East Lansing's Glencairn Neighborhood.

"It was amazing, it was instant response," said Cassandra Thornburgh who lives right behind the park. "This is good, it'll be a lot safer for the kids to play now."

Board of Water and Light crews spent Tuesday and Wednesday clearing out trimmed branches and replacing poles that had been damaged during the December ice storms.

The downed wires belonging to Comcast are still hanging but that's only because the company has been waiting for the BWL to replace its electrical poles first so they can reattach the lines, according to Randy Jones, a spokesperson for Comcast.

Jones said once the repairs to the poles are made, Comcast could come in to repair the downed wires as soon as the end of this week.

Mark Fisk, the president of the Glencairn Neighborhood Association took a walk through the park Wednesday along with neighbor Caroline Ruddell to see the clean-up for himself.

"I think they're definitely making progress," Fisk said. "They have a lot of work left to do but it's good to see they're taking some positive steps to get the park clean and safe for kids to play in."

Even so, both Fisk and Ruddell say they're baffled the clean-up efforts took as long as they did to get underway.

"I was surprised by April there was still so much debris," Ruddell said. "The snow started to thaw and there opportunities to clean it up and it had not been done."

For Fisk, who lost power for several days following the December storms, the delayed clean-up response adds insult to injury, he said.

"It is a sad statement that it took the reporting by WILX to trigger such a rapid action," Fisk said. "It was painfully obvious this was a safety hazard, but I am glad something's being done."

BWL said it was waiting for the weather to improve before beginning clean-up and repair efforts. In the next couple weeks, the utility plans to repair the landscape in the park damaged by the heavy equipment used in the clean-up this week, according to a spokesperson for the company.

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