UPDATE: Baby Bree Goes Home

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LANSING (WILX)-- It's back home for baby Bree after an agreement was made off the record Friday.

Bree was originally taken from her medical marijuana using parents, Steve and Maria Green, after a family court referee said it was too dangerous of an environment for her.

But she'll be back in her own bed after Judge Garcia and the Greens came to an agreement that will uphold the medical marijuana act.

The Green's were glowing after they heard the news.

"I couldn't be any happier to have my baby back. We'll be able to hold her and love her," said father Steve Green.

The couple was able to take their eight-month-old baby home after being separated since September.

"I feel like a lot of people don't understand medical marijuana. They just jump to conclusions," said mother Maria Green.

Not only can the Green's take Bree home, but they can keep growing and using medical marijuana.
The agreement was made after previous drug charges from Oakland County were dropped.

"It shouldn't have happened in the first place and I'm glad it's being righted today," said Maria.

But not everything is as easy as it seems. Steve and Maria still have to prove they're worthy of keeping Bree. Judge Garcia has required the family to submit to random home visits, parenting classes, and drug testing, among other things. The requirements could last until the eighth of January according to Green's attorney, Josh Covert.

"We've also agreed to have Bree tested for drugs by mouth swabs," said Covert.

If there's any slip-ups Bree goes back to living with the grandmother, and the charges will go back to court.

"We still have the right to do a jury trial if that's how things go," said Covert.

But the Green's consider the requirements worth it.

"We're reasonable people. We're reasonable, and they're reasonable, and this will all go away," said Maria.

Maria will continue her website "Free-Bree," but will be evolving it to a fundraiser for kids and families that are in similar situations with CPS.

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