Husband and Wife in Lansing Murder-Suicide Identified

Kristin Batdorf and Jose Rodriguez-Yera. Picture from Facebook
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Lansing, Mich. (WILX) Police have identified the husband and wife in the murder-suicide on Lansing's southwest side as Kristin Batdorf, 43, and Jose Rodriguez-Yera, 47.

Batdorf is identified as a doctor and her Facebook page shows she works as a chiropractor in East Lansing.

Police were called to the home on the 4100 block of Sheffield Blvd. just after 1 a.m. They say a neighbor heard a 6-year old boy crying in the street, and called 911. Child Protective Services has custody of the boy who police say is unharmed physically.

Police believe Rodriguez killed his wife before taking his own life.

"They were very, very friendly helpful people," said Jesse Owens who lives a few houses down. "Always offering to help, we'd be down here working on bikes or whatever."

Police say this is a tragedy, particularly because the couple's boy is about to celebrate his seventh birthday in a few days. Finding his next of kin proved difficult because they are out of state and out of the country.

Osmany Junco, who says he's been friends with Rodriguez nearly all his life, thought Rodriguez's wife might've been trying to leave him.

"He called me one day, he told me they were having problems," he said. "She no wanted to continue with him, I don't know why."

But in speaking with some neighbors, any trouble the couple might've been having was kept well behind closed doors.

"They weren't very vocal or obviously confrontational," said one neighbor who didn't want to go on camera.

"It's scary, especially with a little child running around out there, like 'what were they thinking," remarked another neighbor.

Police haven't said how the couple were killed but neighbors say they heard gunshots.

This part of Lansing is in Eaton County, so the Eaton County Prosecutor is taking over the case.

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