UPDATE - "Skinny Minnie" Recovering with Help of Animal Shelter

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Skinny Minnie, the dog who was found in a state of extreme neglect at Hawk Island Park continues to make progress with the help of the Ingham County Animal Shelter, and the care of shelter veterinarians and the foster family who took her in.

She was found after a tip was called in to Animal Control by a concerned resident. They found her in Hawk Island Park in Lansing Township. She was extremely emaciated and dehydrated, when the officer found her.

In the five days since she has been found, Minnie has put on 13 pounds, and the Ingham County Animal Shelter tells WILX News 10 that she is making excellent progress in her recovery.

The shelter is still observing her, and running medical tests to determine the extent of the abuse that Minnie suffered.

They are still getting tips from residents about who could have done this to her, and while they currently have no suspects, shelter interim director Anne Burns, says they're not giving up.

To call in a tip about Minnie, or any other animals you suspect may be abused, or neglected, call the shelters anonymous tip line at 517-676-8376 or email them at ac_shelter@ingham.org.

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