UPDATE - "Skinny Minnie" Recovering, Investigation Continues

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UPDATE - September 3.

The Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter tells us that "Skinny Minnie" the dog found at Hawk Island Park in a badly emaciated state is now over 78 pounds, and continues to recover with her foster family.

Vets continue to work with Minnie for some lingering digestive issues, and they estimate that Minnie is approximately four years old. The investigation to find the person or persons responsible for her condition is ongoing. The shelter has received numerous tips, but no arrests have been made as of yet.


"Skinny Minnie" the badly neglected dog found at Hawk Island Park continues to recover with a foster family, and the help of the Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter.

Minnie came into the shelter weighing 41 pounds, after more than a week of dedicated care, she now weighs 65 pounds. The shelter tells News 10 that Minnie continues to do well in foster care, but still has more weight to gain.

She is nervous around new people, but gets comfortable with them quickly. Since Minnie has been able to eat, and gain weight, and hasn't shown any signs of other problems, the shelter is hopeful that she will make a full recovery, and live a normal, happy life. The shelter will continue to monitor her progress.

The shelter received many tips, after Minnie's story was made public. Animal Control Officer LeBombard has followed up on a few leads but as of yet, an arrest has not been made. Some donors have raised money to increase the reward from $500 to $750 for information about person, or persons responsible for Minnie's emaciated condition.

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