UPDATE - Police Standoff in Meridian Township Ends Peacefully

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The suspect in a bomb threat and armed robbery at the Mid-Michigan Physicians Building in Lansing Township has surrendered peacefully to authorities at the Nemoke Trails Apartments in Meridian Township.

The shirtless suspect was escorted from the building in handcuffs and taken into a waiting ambulance, after negotiators negotiated with him by phone, and successfully convinced the man to give himself up.

The suspect, has not been identified, but WILX News 10 is told by police that he is a man in his sixties.

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Police are on the scene of a standoff at the Nemoke Trails Apartments in Meridian Township, that is believed to be related to an earlier incident involving a bomb threat at the Mid-Michigan Physicians Building in Lansing Township.

Police have blocked off the 1700-1800 blocks of Nemoke Trail in Meridian Township. No vehicles or foot traffic are allowed, either coming or going, until further notice. Multiple police agencies are on the scene.
Police are negotiating with the man suspected of making the bomb threat earlier today. The man is in the apartment building, and police assume he is armed.

Lansing Township police told WILX News 10 earlier that the man robbed a pharmacy, and made threats which led to the building being searched.

WILX News 10 has also spoken with a person who was inside the Mid-Michigan's Physicians Building during the encounter with the suspect at a pharmacy in the building.

The witness said the suspect came in, and was known to the pharmacy employees. He spoke with the pharmacy employees about his unhappiness with a recent medical diagnosis.

The witness tells News 10 that the suspect claimed to have placed C-4 plastic explosives in the building, and showed the employees, what he claimed was a detonator in his hand. He urged the pharmacy employees to leave the building, saying he wanted them to get out of the building safely, then he exited the building.

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