NEW INFORMATION - East Lansing Schools Dismissal and Bus Plan

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From East Lansing:

"ELPS has received an all clear from the ELPD. The external threat has now ended. ELPS is releasing students on a delayed release unless students are being picked up by parents. If students are taking bus transportation home, there will be a delayed bus schedule. At 3:15 PM, the High School students were transported by bus followed by MacDonald Middle School students. At 4:000 PM or after, K-4 students will be picked up and bussed to their homes and subsequently, 5-6 students will be transported home.

Please expect delays in your child's arrival time. We appreciate your patience and understanding through the events of this day and know that the safety of our students has always been and always will be our first priority."


East Lansing sent the following message to parents regarding the schools dismissal and pickup plan for this afternoon, as the school district remains with all schools locked down after this morning's two shootings.

"East Lansing remains on lockdown - students can leave if parents go to the schools and pick-up and sign out children. Situation is critical on Coolidge, avoid area. Action is for the safety of all children."

Parents must have photo ID to pick up students. If parents do not pick up their children, the students will remain at school until the lockdown is over.