UPDATE - Animal Shelter Offering Reward for Info on Emaciated Dog

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WILX News 10 spoke with Ingham County Animal Shelter Officer Jodi LeBombard about a severely emaciated and dehydrated dog that was found at Hawk Island Park in south Lansing on Thursday, July 24, 2014.

The dog was spotted early this morning in the park by a local resident, who then called the animal shelter to express their concern. Animal Control officers went out and were able to pick up the dog without incident.

The dog is an adult female, believed to be a mastiff mix. She weighs only 41.7 pounds; adult female mastiffs should weigh on average, between 120-170 pounds. She was not wearing a collar, or any identifying tags at the time she was picked up.

Shelter personnel do not believe that she is a stray, or a dog that had been away from human contact for any length of time, due to her comfort around shelter workers, and a very friendly personality. Officer LeBombard also said she did not think the dog could have made it any significant distance on her own, due to her poor physical condition.

The dog is currently at the Ingham County Animal Shelter, and is being cared for by a veterinarian on staff. She is responding well to treatment, and will be undergoing further testing to determine her condition, and check for any injuries.

The shelter is hoping that the dog will be able to make a good recovery, and that she will eventually be able to be made available for adoption with a new family.

In the meantime, the shelter is offering a $500 reward for people who can provide information about the person or persons who are responsible for the dog's condition. You can submit an anonymous tip by emailing ac_shelter@ingham.org or calling their Anonymous Tip Line at (517) 676-8376.

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