UPDATE - All Clear Given at LCC after Reports of Weapon on Campus

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At 10:03 this morning, Lansing Community College issued a lock down on the main campus, after a citizen reported seeing a man possibly carrying a weapon near Dart Auditorium.

The call was taken by 911 dispatchers and the Lansing Police Department responded, sending officers to the campus.

Students and staff received text and email alerts, and an announcement was made over the public address system on campus. LCC also posted on social media to make students and staff aware of the situation.

LCC followed emergency procedures, and Lansing Police investigated the incident. The police department issued the all clear, and reopened campus around 10:20 AM.

After a brief lockdown this morning, Lansing Community College and the Lansing Police Department have issued an all-clear.

Classes will resume for the rest of the day, and the campus can go back to normal operations.

We will have more on this story on WILX News 10 at 6, and update WILX.com as more information becomes available.

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