UN Pleas for Aid for Gaza to Prevent Disease Outbreaks

The UN in has warned that Gaza is facing an imminent health disaster as a result of Israel's almost month long military operation.

The UN estimates around 460,000 people have been displaced by the fighting, which is about a quarter of Gaza's population.

James W. Rawley, the UN's Human Coordinator, said a lack of essential services has led the UN to prepare for an outbreak of serious diseases that they see are inevitable.

Rawley said, "We have the recipe for a health disaster and we are beginning to talk to health professionals that we have not seen in the Gaza Strip for decades."

He notes these diseases as Typhoid and Cholera, along with other water-borne diseases, saying outbreak could be likely due to the overall "disastrous situation" we are seeing in the territory.

The UN Relief and Work agency has made an urgent plea for almost $200 million to buy basic needs for those who have been displaced and to help curb the rise of disease in shelters.

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