Two Men and a Truck Expanding in Lansing

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Lansing-based moving company, Two Men and a Truck is expanding its international headquarters and adding jobs in Delhi Township.

Construction on the $4 million project announced Wednesday, will begin this summer. Two Men and Truck has grown 50 percent in the last three years. It has locations in 34 states and four countries, but wants to invest at home.

"The more we can support our existing locations and bring on new locations the more that comes back to Michigan," CEO Brig Sorber said.

Sorber says the company felt this was the right time to grow. It plans to add 7,000 jobs internationally and 125 in mid-Michigan over the next five years.

"A lot of people think oh they're going to be movers, well that's in our other office," Sorber explained. "What we're really looking for is computer programers, we've really automated our systems at Two Men and a Truck so we need a lot of support there."

The company is also looking for trainers for its franchisees, communications and marketing staff.

"So it's a wide range," Bob Trezise, president and CEO of LEAP said. "These are quite good jobs, (paying) an average of $46,000 and up."

Trezise said the company had other options for its headquarters, but wanted to stay local.

A $355,000 state grant made the decision easier.

"I wouldn't say it kept us here, but what it did allow us to do is start this a year earlier that we would have," Sorber said. "The money coming back to Michigan will more than offset that."

He says when you look at the job creation and investment the company will make, this was a good move for Michigan.

According to LEAP, the Lansing region has been on a hot streak, with companies making big investment and adding jobs. It says we can expect more announcements, like this one in coming months.

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